Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.

Deepak Chopra

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Keep Calm and Play Jenga

You can’t play Jenga if you think you’re a mess. Keep calm and enjoy what you can.

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Anonymous said: Why isn't 1000 calories for weight loss okay? Just for weight loss, not permanently. As long as your getting all your nutrients?




• screwing up your metabolism
• body doesn’t function right
• depression
• fatigue
• withdrawal symptoms
• obsessive behavior
• binging episodes
• irrational thinking
• unable to carry tasks
• irritation
• feeling of being ‘fat’
• panic attacks
• passing out
• inability to later digest food properly
• inability to later eat proper amount of food
• low blood pressure
• inability to focus
• muscle loss
• holding on to fat
• hair loss
• loss of period (girls)
• insomnia
• bad memory

And that’s just some.

Best answer.

Anon, eat.

Bringing this back, people need it x


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Just a few reminders of why to choose recovery!


Just a few reminders of why to choose recovery!

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This would be really neat wall art

This would be really neat wall art

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So if someone could just pay for everything I need for school…that’d be great.

Like, books. And the parking pass I need for my job as a delivery driver.

Things like blankets and toothpaste can wait.

How to Nail Art

1. Put tape all over your fingernails

2. Paint them with nail polish

3. Take off tape

4. Admire craftsmanship

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Reblog If…

You’ve ever thought “I want to be ‘that fit kid’ on campus. Like when people see me, they think ‘that’s the kid who’s always exercising dayum’ “

Am I the only one?

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