How to Nail Art

1. Put tape all over your fingernails

2. Paint them with nail polish

3. Take off tape

4. Admire craftsmanship

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Never underestimate the power of a cold shower after walk/sprints

Calmed me right down. The run was the release and the shower was the relaxing.

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You’ve ever thought “I want to be ‘that fit kid’ on campus. Like when people see me, they think ‘that’s the kid who’s always exercising dayum’ “

Am I the only one?

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For mental health reasons, it’s been recommended that I eat a low-carb high-protein diet, but of course a lot of the recommended foods are meat, dairy or eggs.

I still have a lot to learn about nutrition, but could anyone who knows more about vegan nutrition help me figure out what this diet…

I posted a great post about some awesome vegan proteins-beans and nuts sure, but there’s even more than that.

Ancient grains are also a great way to get some strong carbs in and not wimpy empty calories.

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Seems like a good challenge. And your abs balance your back so everyone needs strong abs!

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"Aw that’s a cute kitty!"

Cat?? Try cat-erpie.

Psh. 3 year olds, am I right?

"Aw that’s a cute kitty!"

Cat?? Try cat-erpie.

Psh. 3 year olds, am I right?

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I’m training myself

So that when I get to school, instead of slipping toward depression, if I get angry or frustrated or upset I’m just going to go running.

People being jerks? Deuces going to go run around.

No Friday night plans? Suckers. Running is now my fall through plan.

Why not make my high anxiety and frustration work for me.

You know because I’m all about that bass; and that treble;

And the alto, soprano, baritone—I love ALL parts because they’re ALL BEAUTIFUL

My brain every time I hear “All About That Bass”

Realities of Bad Relationships

My ex was not a nice person to me, verbally. And that’s not to say he was never nice-but calling your girlfriend a whore or a slut is not nice. Period.

That’s led to a lot of resentment and the reality of seeing him in the near future is extremely stressful. What’s also stressful is that he has a new girlfriend.

There’s a few mind sets I’m having. I wouldn’t say I’m happy for him, but I’m not happy for her because in my mind there’s one of two things happening.

One; he’s mean to her too in which case I don’t understand why she would be doing this to herself.

Two; he’s not calling her names and being vindictive in which case I don’t understand what I did. While we were dating I was sexually abused by an ex, and I understand just as it was scary and confusing for me it was probably also hard for my boyfriend at the time (the ex in question). It hurts still to think I brought it upon myself—-no matter how many times I remind myself I didn’t do anything.

I’m scared she will have unwarranted opinions of me-and opinions of others greatly influenced my life at college previously; IE bullying and harassment.

In the end I just need to put my best got forward and remember that my life is my own and not theirs or anyone’s. Regardless of what happens around me.

Still scary. And it’s hard to say “I AM SCARED” at 22.

How do you combat worries?

That time we figured out panty hose and socks almost make a perfect Krumm costume

That time we figured out panty hose and socks almost make a perfect Krumm costume